Those who love charitably…cause God’s kindness to fill the earth
(Psalms 33:5)

The Torah informs us that taking responsibility for those who are less fortunate than we is a mitzvah (a commandment) and an obligation of supreme importance. So, too, is our contributing to the institutions responsible for the education of our children, the welfare of society and the maintenance of religious life. While there are any number of mitzvot which we will be unable to fulfill during our lifetimes, giving tzedakah– contributing money – to individuals who are in need and to the synagogue so that it can carry-out its sacred purposes is a undoubtedly a mitzvah in which we can all partake. Jewish tradition calls upon us to celebrate joyous moments, such as the birth of a child, a bar or bat mitzvah, a wedding or a special anniversary, with a contribution of tzedakah. Additionally, the act of tzedakah is an appropriate vehicle for paying tribute to loved ones on the occasion of their passing from this world, as well as on their yahrtzeits (the anniversary of one’s death).
At Temple Sinai, weaving together tradition, contemporary life, and Jewish values helps us realize our vision as a sacred community while embracing our responsibilities as Jews.
We invite you to help support our community through a donation in honor of a simcha or in memory of someone special.


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