Our Board

The primary governing bodies of our synagogue are our Executive Committee and Board of Directors. The Executive Committee is comprised of ten individuals acting in the capacity of Officers. Each of these individuals has served the congregation in a variety of roles prior to being nominated to the Executive Committee and each has a specific portfolio of responsibilities. Our Board of Directors is made up of congregants who serve alternating two year terms and includes any prior Temple Sinai President and Life Members who which to serve. The Board has ultimate authority in the running of the synagogue.
 Executive Committee
  • Jeffrey Hampton, President
  • Tobey Grand, Executive Vice President
  • Janet Lynn, Vice President/Membership
  • Melanie Lewin, Vice President/Education
  • Steven Rosen, Vice President/Fundraising
  • Lauren Gladstone, Secretary
  • Jeff Cohn, Secretary
  • David Weiss, Treasurer
  • Gary Klazmer, Comptroller
  • William Kramer - Immediate Past President

Board of Directors

2016-2018 Term

  • Hanan Fishman
  • Stuart Fredd
  • Stacie Frutkin
  • Jeffrey Goldstein
  • Jeff Gordon
  • Jon Graub
  • Leonard Grossman
  • Richard Julie
  • Cindy Lamberg
  • Freda Pepper
  • Daniel Rosenberg
  • Meryl Stern
  • Marty Weiss

2015-2017 Term

  • Farrah Barrow
  • Steve Bernstein
  • Alicia Bush*
  • Harris Chernow
  • Andrea Domsky
  • Steve Goldberg
  • Beth Heyman
  • Janet Issacman
  • Marla Kepniss*
  • Adam Lewin*
  • Stacey Pressman
  • Joanne Shanzer
  • Jacob Sitman
  • Sara Wenger
  • (*)Nominated for one year term for 2016-2017

The Board of Directors also includes the following individuals

  • President of Temple Sinai Hazak Chapter: Steven Rosen
  • President of Temple Sinai Men's Club: Greg Fisher
  • President of Temple Sinai Sisterhood: Liz Shamir & Karen Mann

Life Members currently serving on the Board of Directors

  • Jose Castel
  • George Marcus
  • Israel Milner
  • Joan Parkin
  • Nathan Relles

Past Presidents currently serving on the Board of Directors

  • Larry Allen
  • Alan Katz
  • Robert Parkin
  • Frank Romanoski
  • Andrea Rosenthal
  • Michael Yanoff


Temple Sinai is an affiliated member of United Synagogue of Conservative Judaism (USCJ)