Temple Sinai Religious School Parent Teacher Organization (PTO)

The Religious School PTO accomplishes the following objectives and task:

  • Supports and enhances the educational programs of the Religious School
  • Provides feedback to DCL and acts as “eyes” and “ears” for the school
  • Promotes and markets the school and acts as PR agent for the school and its students
  • Raises funds to enhance programs
  • Plans and implements new and invigorating programs and event for families and the school
  • Establishes a caring community and promotes acts of Hessed (kindness)
  • Assists in empowering and motivating teachers

To achieve the above goal the PTO will establish the following subcommittees every two years:

1)Room Parents: Contact families and determines one or two Room Parents for each class. Oversee the Room Parents functions, introduce the RP to the teachers and assure their success by setting tasks and objectives for the academic year (one parent)

2)Teacher Appreciation: Schedule events and programs to acknowledge teachers (two parents)

3)Fund Raising: Organize events and programs to raise funds for the PTO and the school programs (two parents)

4)Holiday Celebrations: Provide assistance at assemblies, Shabbatot, holiday celebrations and field trips(two parents)

5)Family Education and Involvement: Create programs and Havorot to engage families (two parents), promote family education programs and works closely with DCL in establishing new programs

6)Hessed Committee: Celebrate families life cycles and acknowledges birthdays, Bnai Mitzvah, etc. (one parent).

President and Co-President

The PTO selects a president and Co-President every two years. The President and Co-President set annual plans, assign portfolios and work closely with DCL to coordinate programs and assure the implementation of objectives set in the yearly plan.

The PTO President works closely with the pre-school PTO to coordinate programs, to establish joint programs and facilitates the transition of families and students to the Religious School

PTO Members

The Organization will have at least twelve members consisting of current or past parents or grandparents who are willing to volunteer their time and effort toward the enhancement of the school and the organization. Parent(s) are encouraged to become a member of the PTO and nominate themselves every year to take upon a portfolio. Nomination will be accepted during the month of April and the President will select appropriate nominees for membership in the organization.

Meetings Structure and Format

The PTO meets monthly (September-June) and the members are required to attend at least 8 meetings and follow-up on missed meetings. The President assigns a secretary every month to record the major decisions made at each meeting.

Each meeting will last an hour or less. The following is the schedule:

Dvar Torah, rotating basis

DCL report on the status of the school

Members report on their Portfolios



Tasks to be accomplished for the next meeting



Temple Sinai is an affiliated member of United Synagogue of Conservative Judaism (USCJ)