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Interfaith Initiative

Temple Sinai warmly welcomes individuals who are Jewish, who have converted to Judaism or who have committed themselves to a member of the Jewish faith. Interfaith couples and families are part of our congregation, reflecting the diversity of an ever-widening variety of people committed to or interested in Jewish life.

Our goal is to provide a level of comfort in and accessibility to learning, worship and traditions for those who are part of a Jewish couple or a Jewish family.


Our Keruv Interfaith Initiative meets people where they are in their lives and encourages Jewish living through education and participation in the life of Temple Sinai. Through our Keruv program, we welcome interfaith couples to learn about our congregation and participate in synagogue life. From lifecycle events to classes and services, those who are not Jewish will find a full range of opportunities in which to partake. We want families to experience firsthand the rich, diverse, and compelling programming we offer, as well as experience the warmth of our members and staff. We offer family mentoring, a blessing for your home, and a mezuzah hanging ceremony for your family and friends. If you desire, one of our family members will host you for a Friday night

Shabbat dinner at their home.


Individuals with children or grandchildren in interfaith relationships are invited to discuss their unique challenges in our monthly Keruv sessions. Our trained Keruv leaders understand these challenges well and are prepared to provide guidance and support.


Those who wish to discuss these matters in a confidential manner are invited to contact Rabbi Wohlberg.

Please contact Bruce Fagan, our Keruv Committee chair, or Rabbi Wohlberg for more information. 

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