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Men In The Kitchen

In addition to our outstanding programming, The Men's Club runs our ever-popular catering service, Men In The Kitchen, which provides affordable catering to families celebrating a simcha within the congregation.  All proceeds from our catering events support The Men's Club and their philanthropic initiatives.

Volunteer with us

Despite the name, MITK is supported by both men and women.  In fact, we encourage our congregant volunteers to bring their children to our events.  Temple Sinai's kitchen is an excellent atmosphere to participate in our synagogue's cultural life, while meeting new people and performing mitzvot.  Previous cooking experience is not needed.  We will teach you!  There are opportunities to support MITK in any aspect of our regular operations: Event Planning and Client Relations, Shopping, Inventory Management, Food Preparation, Decorations, Serving, Organizing Leftovers and of course, Cleanup.  We need your help.  If interested, please reach out to

Hire Men in the Kitchen

Are you planning a simcha at Temple Sinai and need a low-priced, kosher caterer?  Please contact us!

While our specialty is bagel brunches, there is no menu too ambitions for our group. We cater dairy or meat offerings and our quality is second to none.  We only serve buffet-style, though some stations can be attended.  Typical offerings include:

  • Bagels and Shmears - Fresh bagels with home-made shmears (lox, veggie, chive, etc) along with salads and beverages.

  • Lox, Stock and Bagel - Bagels and assorted breads, lox and whitefish salad, bagel fixins, salads and beverages

  • Deluxe Fish - Upgraded version of Lox, Stock and Bagel with options for salty lox, pastrami lox, kippered salmon, whole whitefish,  sable, etc.

  • Tel Aviv Street Festival - Falafel bar, Middle Eastern salads, fresh-baked pita, french fries, beverages

  • The finest Deli Meats - Choice of three deli meats (Turkey, Corned Beef, Pastrami, Bologna, Salami, etc.) with fresh breads, salads, dressings, pickles, fries, beverages, etc.  We can make platters of ingredients or half sandwiches.

  • Extras: Asian Salad, Black Bean and Corn Salad, Blintz Souffle, Bowtie Pesto Pasta, Fresh Rolls with Dipping Oil, Broccoli Salad, Israeli Salad, Greek Salad, Kugel (Dairy or Pareve) Macaroni & Cheese, Pizza Bagels, Mediterranean Orzo Salad, Sesame Ginger Noodle Salad, Three Bean Salads, Yogurt Parfait Stations, Caviar Station, Over-the-Top Latke Fixins Station, Potato Knishes, Blintzes.

  • Anything you can think of!  We can cater hot brisket dinners, BBQ's, fresh pizzas, ice cream parties, you name it!

Apprentice in the Kitchen

This is a scholarship opportunity for a graduating high school seniors who are members of Temple Sinai.  The candidate must have volunteered in the kitchen at least six times throughout their high school career and have completed the following application.

Scholarship Application

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Gallery of Creations
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