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Religious School at Temple Sinai

Who we are: Temple Sinai Religious School is an integral part of our synagogue and welcomes students and families in developing a positive Jewish identity through a supportive, respectful and nurturing educational environment.

We believe that all students need to: 

  • Have a positive Religious School experience

  • Develop a lifelong appreciation for Jewish  studies, rituals and traditions

  • Feel a sense of pride and understand what it means to be a Jew

  • Have a love for and commitment to Israel

  • Have a personal and respectful relationship with teachers and clergy

  • Understand that ethics, morality and tikkun olam are the foundation upon which we build a Jewish life

Our Goals: 

  • Students are motivated to continue their Jewish studies beyond 7th grade and into Sinai High

  • Students are provided the opportunity to learn to read Hebrew fluently

  • Students will have familiarity and comfort with prayer and worship

  • Students and families will increase ritual practices in the home

  • Students will know about the history, land, people and culture of Israel

  • Students will embrace Shabbat and all Jewish holidays

  • Students will have a meaningful Bar/Bat Mitzvah experience

More information: We invite all families to learn more about our Religious School at Temple Sinai. For more information about our programs please visit the following links below:

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