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Sinai High

Welcome to Sinai High:  Jewish education does not stop after your Bar/Bat Mitzvah. Our Sinai High program allows teens to continue their Jewish education in fun and interesting ways.  Sinai High is held on Tuesday evenings from 6:45 pm - 8:45 pm and is broken down into three sections; Core Classes by grade, "Hevre and Hevruta", and Elective Classes. 

Sample Core Classes

8th Grade Core Class - American Jewish History: This course will begin by traveling back in time to when the first Jews came to America. We will look at how the first small groups of Jews grew into a flourishing community, the immigration experience and their challenges and triumphs along the way. We will examine how the different branches of Judaism emerged, and how the movements grew. Our course will also emphasize Jewish contributions to American culture. Students will engage in debates, enjoy films, short stories, and more. We will develop an appreciation of who we are, and the journey that brought us here.

9th/10th Grade Core Class - Israel: In this class we will be taking an in depth look at Israeli history, politics, and culture. As Jewish people, it is important that we stay connected to Israel and understand the how Israel came to be and how it evolved into the modern state it is today. We will be exploring Israel through four different units throughout the year. The first will be a unit about the Jewish connection to the land of Israel. The next unit will focus on the history of Israel as a state. The third unit will be centered on Israeli politics. The fourth unit will focus on Israeli culture. Over the course of the year we will gain a more complete understanding of why Jewish people, both modern and historic, see Israel as the homeland.

Hevra and Hevruta: "Hervra and Hevruta" is a thirty-minute transition time each week in between the core class and elective. As a school, we explore a topic together such as current events, Israeli culture, music, film, and leadership development. Teachers rotate leading this session and students are always active participants. This is also the time for a snack and a short break.

Past Electives Include:

Judaism and Dissent

Throughout history, there have been several Jewish leaders of dissent movements in the United States and abroad. The Civil Rights Movement is a clear example of Jewish leaders fighting oppression and fighting for equality. Throughout this elective we will discuss whether dissent can be considered a Jewish value. We will discuss several Jewish civil rights leaders throughout history and will discover whether their work can be connected to fundamental Jewish texts. We will also examine modern dissent movements from a distinctly Jewish perspective. This elective will better illuminate this particular trend in Jewish history.

Youth Leadership

In this class students will explore their leadership skills and get exposed to a variety of leadership styles. Through experiential activities and projects, teens will understand the complexities of what it takes to be a leader in school, youth groups, synagogues, and beyond! Teens will also learn about time management, public speaking, program development, and social responsibility.

Jews in Sports

Jews have been around for thousands of years, so it may not be as hard to believe that Jews have played an integral role in every aspect of life, including sports. From the Olympics in Athens, Greece in 1896 all the way to present day, Jews have had a chance to make their mark in the sporting world. This class will explore the athletic world and how Jews have carved a path for others to follow. Have you ever heard of Mark Spitz? He is the Jewish version of Michael Phelps. In this class we will discuss, watch videos, and debate Jewish athletes that changed our world and how they dominated their profession

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