Temple Sinai Players Present: Beauty and the Beast!

Beauty and the beast Flyer.jpg

Come and see the Temple Sinai stage transform into a “small provincial town” as well as a mysterious castle filled with all sorts of oddities.


This tale as old as time is filled with spectacular costumes and sets as well as all manner of fabulous personalities who fill the village & the castle!


Come see if the Beast can learn to love and be loved; ending the curse and transforming him back into his former self. 


Beauty and the Beast will be presented on the Temple Sinai stage on February 26, 27, 29 and March 1, 2020.


Ticket sales are now open; order now for the best seats!!

Looking to buy flowers for the cast?

If you want to congratulate your favorite cast member with flowers, they will be available in the lobby for purchase at every show.

Lights, Camera, Temple Sinai:

For over 50 years, Temple Sinai has been an enthusiastic and committed provider of quality theatrical arts to the Jewish community.

In the March, 1958, Temple Sinai playbill for the performance of “No Comment,” a show written, staged and directed by a member of the congregation, founding Rabbi Dr. Sidney Greenberg, wrote a message to the congregation that still holds true today.

He wrote, “Nothing beautiful happens where love is absent. There can be no flames of sacrifice unless they are fed by the fuel of great devotion. The dedicated men and women who poured long, hard hours into the show were moved by a great love for the synagogue.”  

Temple Sinai, its congregational volunteers, its professional staff, and its administrative staff work tirelessly throughout the year to bring musical theater to the community. Each year, more than 100 congregational and community members volunteer their time, energy, and talents to produce quality theater in the synagogue, while enjoying each other’s company, raising funds, and fostering respect for our synagogue in the life of the community.

Our Mission:

The Mission Statement of the Temple Sinai Players provides that its principal purpose “is to ensure the creation and delivery of a high quality musical theater production for multiple and beneficial purposes: 1) the production will raise significant funds for the synagogue through sales of an ad book, ticket sales and concessions; 2) it will entertain the community; and 3) through enhanced good will and quality programming, the production will draw individuals to the synagogue and increase membership.” True to this statement, the synagogue has produced high-quality theater for 50 years, entertaining the community, involving all segments of the congregation both under the footlights and behind the scenes, and enhancing its reputation in the general community.