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Chanukah Candle.jpg


  1. This is a Photo Scavenger Hunt, the candles you are looking for are above (in different colors).  Please use a cell phone to send all images to our email address.

  2. Make sure you are following social distancing rules.

  3. Masks are required.

  4. If locations have candles in the windows, please take pictures outside of the establishment rather than inside.

  5. If using social media, please tag Temple Sinai and use the hashtags #TempleSinaiDresher, #ChanukahCandleHunt once you have completed a task.

  6. When you are finished (or have found at least 8 candles) please email (Please include player(s) names)

  7. Try to find as many of the 16 candles as you can! 8 candles are hidden in Upper Dublin and 8 candles are hidden in Bucks County.

  8. Please be sure to use general caution and be aware of your surroundings at all times.

  9. Be creative and have FUN (wear those Chanukah sweaters, be original in your photos!)

    *Please note by submitting photos to and tagging photos to our social media you agree to be part of our Chanukah Slideshow.

Clues - Montgomery County

To get your body to start aligning
go to this park where this candle is shining.

It has a dog park, trails, and places for biking,

stop your whining and go to the park (on the trail)
you know as...

Valley Park
(on the Trail)


In this well-known MARKET you're sure to see,
all your neighbors from A-Z.
So pick up dinner N' a BAG and a drink...
and when you take a picture of the candle, don't blink!


download (2).jpg

You come for services, school and social events too.
With Covid-19 we are doing everything new.
Stop by to see the Menorah glowing bright,
a candle is in our yard...over on the right.


Logo - PNG.png

Bullfrog Bog or Creepy Pond,
Chanukah is a miracle beyond.
Find this candle by the nature center
take your picture and send it via email...
(don't forget to hit enter!)!

(by the Nature Center)


The Dreidel Game is fun to play,
spinning round someTIMEs it lands on Hay.
This next candle is in the window
of where you can DANCE all Day.

Dance Time

download (1).jpg

Soccer, Baseball, Basketball Too
There is even a playground and walking track for you.
So go find a candle when you take a walk
at this popular park you call ________.

(on the trail)


East meets West is what they do...
keeping you WELL all the way through. This SUBURBAN location holds a flame
take a picture in the window while yelling your name!



Get in your car and head to this market,
don't forget you have to park it.
When you find this new store that goes by ____
you'll find the candle, don't blow it out.



Clues - Bucks County

It's TIME to do all your Chanukah shopping,
lot's of store's in this popular square
find your next clue in a window there...

R.D. Shadez in
Valley Square


This next candle is located at a park that has 2 different names,
one sounds like a shoe brand
and the newer name after a man.
Take a picture with the candle there
seems like a great plan!

Lower Nike

The next spot is located in the 18974,
stories they have for sure.
This place has lots of books
To check them out you need to scan the bar.
The candle is hiding where you park your____.


This is a great summer spot,

swimming, tennis, and cookouts are hot.
It's nestled in a Warrington Neighborhood
Near the Fire House - look you should!
If you look closely on the gate
your next candle there awaits.

Mary Barness
Swim Club


This new park would make
Judah Maccabbee proud.
His tribe would be ROARING with PRIDE
at where the candle is hidden.

Lion's Pride

download (3).jpg

This spot is in the heart of Bucks,
in the middle of their million light display
I'm sure this little candle has something to say.
Take a picture while the lights are bright
you can see it during the day, or at night.



Many of you come here to play soccer,
some even go to this park to be a walker.
This park has a Lower park too...
this candle is waiting on the UPPER part for you.

Upper Nike

Haven't finished your shopping at all?
This place is definitely not the mall. Its Shop's name has a color with the name of GREEN,
find the next candle in the window with
nothing to be seen.

The Shops at
Valley Square

(open window by
Lens Crafters)

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