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‘If it were not for the accident of my birth, I would be antisemitic.’

An app that can generate 64,000 kosher cheesecake recipes aims to prove AI’s value for Orthodox Jews


Biden plan to combat antisemitism demands reforms across the executive branch and beyond

Hot dogs are the greatest American Jewish food. Here’s why


Israel’s Unfinished Exodus Story

NYC’s public law school releases video of ‘antisemitic’ commencement speech

Rabbi Gershon Edelstein, an architect and guardian of Haredi-secular relations

The return of Who is a Jew


60% of Americans back reevaluating ties with Israel if judicial reform passespoll
CNN's Amanpour publicly apologizes for saying Dee family was killed in'shootout
Codex Sassoon acquired for ANU Museum of the Jewish People for $38.1 million
Conservative movement OKs vegetarian and vegan restaurants without kosher supervision
Inside the Last Old-School Seltzer Shop in New York

Matchmaker, Matchmaker, Make Me a Match
The media entrepreneur making antisemitism education go viral
Why Dairy on Shavuot



Here Are 800 More Reasons to Question the United Nations
Is Mah-Jongg a Jewish Game
Israel at 75 Is Threatened but Strong

The End Jew Hatred Movement is spreading across the country — and sparking controversy

The Religious Landscape is Undergoing Massive Change. It Could Decide the 2024 Election
This kosher cafe in Riverdale attracts a diverse clientele from across the Bronx
Zionism’s Moment of Decision

Dura Europos
For theatergoers at Broadway’s recent spate of Jewish shows, attendance is a form of witness
Israel Is a Hope for Its Arab Citizens, Too
Kosher certification got its start 100 years ago — in Pittsburgh
Lowering Army Exemption Age A Sowellian Move
Pro-overhaul protest showed the right’s strengths — and the government’s weakness
Richard Sharp is a public figure and fair game for satire. The use of antisemitic tropes is not

‘Two Israels’: What’s really behind the judicial reform protests

At an American Jewish conference in Tel Aviv, protesters are driving the energy

Jewish Custom (Minhag) Versus Law (Halacha)

No, Israel Is Not Planning to Take Control of Al-Aqsa

Politician who called herself ‘mother of the politically incorrect’ offered Israel’s top diplomatic post in NYC

The high price of kosher food takes a bite out of these NYC teens’ budgets

Trying to Find Love on These Streets  Better Have a Big Roll of Tape

Where to Eat the Best Israeli Food in Miami

Who are you, Rabbi Davidowitz


A fifth question this Passover what makes Trader Joe’s matzah different from all other matzah
A Florida bill attacking ‘critical theory’ in higher education has the state’s Jewish academics worried

At unusual counterprotest, right-wing demonstrators air grievances against Israel’s courts

What To Know About Israel's Judicial Reform

What you just witnessed was one of the greatest weeks in Israel's history


Drowning in a sea of resentment and hate

In Orthodox communities where women don’t read Torah, Purim offers a rare opportunity

Is it okay to criticize Israel

Neo-Nazis came to Broadway to protest Parade All the more reason for the show to go on


Netanyahu Is Shattering Israeli Society

This ‘Wheel Of Fortune’ Bagel Blunder Is a Big Dill

The settlers’ attack on Huwara is not the Orthodox Judaism I grew up on



American Jews created historic summer camps. Or did summer camps create American Jews?

As Orthodox Union and other Jewish groups condemn settler rampage, many avoid mentioning Benjamin Netanyahu

Battle over High Court exposes frailty of Israel

Doughnuts meet hamantaschen as Brooklyn’s Sesame bakery reimagines a Purim treat

The holy and the broken — getting up after sitting shiva for my dad

Why that New York Times article on the Brooklyn eruv is sparking controversy



Deri v. High Court What did he actually pledge in his 2022 plea bargain

Holocaust ‘Book of Names’ to be inaugurated at the UN underscores the individual identities of the 6 million

How to Make Black and White Cookies

NY federation CEO offers rare criticism of Israel’s right-wing government

The path forward for liberal Zionism

What American Jews fight about when they fight about Israel

A 'Swinging Bunch of People’ No Longer


Law professors are panicking about how to teach Dobbs. I use the Talmud

Meet Amichai Chikli, Israel’s new Diaspora minister, who opposes BDS and Reform Judaism

More and more Jews are choosing cremation. These rabbis aren’t happy about it

Not only is cremation controversial in Judaism, it pollutes the earth

The Jewish path back to Israeli democracy

Why Did George Santos Lie About Being Jewish

Why Israel’s new right-wing leaders immediately made plastic plates inexpensive again


‘Mercenaries for Jesus’: Christmas is a busy time for Jews who sing in churches 
Children out for a stroll in north discover 2,000-year-old lamp in the ground

Contemplating a Canon of Jewish American Films

It’s a new year Can we please talk about antisemitism in a new way

Why your synagogue, and mine, needs a pickleball court

A Black writer explores how Germany remembers its ‘unthinkable’ past
A rectangular latke takes shape at Edith’s Sandwich Counter in Brooklyn
Iranians ‘didn’t know what they were getting’ when they overthrew the shah
New study of Jewish men links heart health with religious lifestyle
The sequel to the Holocaust novel Boy in the Striped Pajamas is here Its author has no regrets
When Did Judaism Begin


‘Shocking’ survey about antisemitic hiring based on shaky data

A Good-Will Government Was Possible in Israel

How Thanksgiving helped Jews carve out a piece of the American story

Jewish Trump officials distance themselves after his dinner with white supremacist

The Problem With Letting Therapy-Speak Invade Everything

Trump’s Jewish supporters must condemn and disavow him


When it comes to a classic Jewish cookie, New York bakeries go beyond black and white


A new exhibit on Jewish delis explores the roots and rise of a uniquely American phenomenon

I’m a Jewish historian and my grandparents ran a deli. Maybe we’re in the same business

Dave Chappelle under fire for ‘Saturday Night Live’ monologue about antisemitism

Op-Ed: How I learned to embrace my Black and Jewish heritage

In rare critique, top US Jewish leader warns against proposed limit on Law of Return

Jerusalem square named for Portuguese diplomat who saved 10,000 Jews in WWII

Report: Before election, Israel approved $2.3 million plan to improve its image among Reform and Conservative Jews

What I learned about antisemitism from a remarkable new archive about Jewish Civil War soldiers


Between Kanye and the Midterms, the Unsettling Stream of Antisemitism
Could Israelites be brought into mainstream Judaism 50 years ago, one effort did just that

The Israel We Knew Is Gone

The Israel We Knew Is Not Gone

This Perfect Mother-Daughter Read Holds a Powerful Lesson for Fighting Antisemitism

Unpacking Kanye and Kyrie Condemn antisemitic acts, but don’t destroy Black men

Why Are There So Many Holocaust Books for Kids

Why Israelis like me voted in a right-wing government


Jessica Seinfeld’s Instagram post about Kanye West’s antisemitism goes viral among celebrities and influencers

Four possible outcomes for Israel’s election

I listened to Kanye West slander Jews for three hours so that you don’t have to

Is Israel’s Political Virtuoso in Denial

Israeli president tries to ease U.S. concerns about radical right ahead of elections

Lee Zeldin, grandson of an Orthodox rabbi, gains traction in New York’s Hasidic neighborhoods

Shivim Panim

The 10 Best, Most Classic Jewish Jokes

Why I wouldn’t sign the petition to cancel Kanye

Bad Jews’ describes a history of American Jewish infighting
A bitter battle between two bagel shops boils over in Columbus

Brooklyn Yeshiva to pay $8 million after admitting to defrauding the government

Does Trump hate Jews, or just ‘bad Jews’

Hey, Kanye West defenders Critiquing ‘secular elites’ is actually still antisemitism

Jessica Seinfeld’s Instagram post about Kanye West’s antisemitism goes viral among celebrities and influencers

No, saying that someone ‘Jewed you down’ is not a compliment

Wait, is that a Hebrew letter on the cover of Taylor Swift’s new album


BDS movement disavows Boston project mapping Jewish groups as some in Congress push for a federal investigation into its use
Born Christian, French woman becomes one of Israel’s few female Orthodox rabbis

Federal court upholds Arkansas law that restricts Israel boycotts, ruling it does not violate First Amendment

How this kosher, gluten-free bakery creates some of New York’s tastiest bagels

This law professor argued that Reform Jews aren’t devout enough to merit religious freedom


Is Cha Cha Real Smooth the first good barbat mitzvah movie


Google’s ‘sentient’ AI can’t count in a minyan, but it still raises ethical dilemmas

As Bennett dissolves Knesset to save settler law, a new set of challenges await

Bennett announces coalition

Israel suspends school trips to Poland, citing interference in content and security issues

NY Gov. Hochul endorsed by Satmar Jewish community, securing tens of thousands of votes

Religion for non-believers  It’s a Jewish thing

Watergate’s Jewish ‘thing’ & Nixon’s thing for the Jews


A 47-year veteran of Brooklyn’s Acme Smoked Fish says farewell on his final ‘Fish Friday’

Ex-Hasidic woman gives tours of her former NYC stomping grounds from the outside in

France’s New Prime Minister Overcame Tragedy in Her Youth

Israeli ambassador says House Democrats’ call for US probe of journalist’s killing isn’t ‘fair’

LeBron James attends Jewish NYC wedding — holding hands with a notorious rabbi

Moroccan authorities restore ancient Jewish cemetery of Meknes

Unable to film in Ukraine, Eurovision song contest winners made their intro video in Israel

Who gets to say what is kosher A Long Island restaurant is caught in the crosshairs

Hardly a "happy new year"
Hot dog! A Lower East Side art exhibit explores the Jewish roots of an all American food
In trying to seize Russian assets, the US is taking a page from Chabad
Joe Biden won’t budge on this make-or-break Iran deal issue, and progressives are furious
What you need to know about the antisemitic ideology behind the Buffalo shooting

At Harvard, Facts Are For Losers
Does pastrami come from New York or Texas
For Orthodox Jewish groups, it’s wait and see on the reversal of abortion rights
How Jewish families prime girls for success in schools and careers
How to Pray to a God You Don’t Believe In

My family was murdered in Austria during the Holocaust. Now they’re offering me citizenship. Should I accept

New York City Council member wants a ‘Jewish Heritage Day’ in city public schools


Why these Israeli farmers became heroes after killing their crops - it’s in the Bible

A Different Ball Game 
A scripted TV series about Russ & Daughters is in the works

A Ukrainian director’s documentary about Babyn Yar massacre of Jews lands in an unanticipated context

Documents from Roman Abramovich’s controversial Portuguese naturalization surface online

How Coffee Became Kosher for Passover

London judge jails husband who withheld Jewish divorce from his wife

My mother’s chopped liver isn’t punishment, it’s therapy

What Zelensky gets wrong about the Holocaust in Ukraine


6 Jewish words no journalist can live without

Answering Israel's Ukraine Critics

How Chelm Became the Jewish Town of Fools

Should Moses Be Called Moshe?

The advice I gave Madeleine Albright when she found out she was Jewish

Ukrainian children are finding refuge in an Israeli town and its school for Russian speakers

Why chocolate matters to the Jewish community

Are Virtual Minyans and Avatar Rabbis The Future of Judaism

Behind the Entenmann’s Cellophane, a Slice of Long Island Life

How macaroons became a must for Passover — even if no one likes them


In appeal to Israel, Zelensky Invokes the 'final solution'

Mourners throng Bnei Brak for funeral of Rabbi Chaim Kanievsky, largest in Israel’s history

NYC Jews who attend synagogue have higher rates of emotional well-being, survey finds

Orthodox groups launch uphill battle against daylight saving time bill

Rabbi Chaim Kanievsky, one of Israel’s leading religious authorities, dies at 94

Rabbi Chaim Kanievsky, Venerated Talmudic Scholar, Dies at 94

Why Jewish refugees from Ukraine are choosing Germany over Israel


And now for the contrary view

There's a reason we get drunk and wear costumes on Purim

The Jewish post-rescue era ended with the war in Ukraine

Simeon Maslin, influential Philadelphia rabbi who brought tradition back to Reform Jews, dies at 90

Jews and non-Jews share a bloody history in Ukraine. But there are reasons for hope

I do not know what will be the end of you

How To Make An Entire Multi-Course Gourmet Meal Out Of Cereal

How a coming-of-age ritual for Jewish girls aided the rise of women’s rights

Babi Yar is a site of Jewish death. With a new synagogue, this architect vows to ‘bring back Jewish life’

Architect of memorial synagogue at Babyn Yar Bombing leaves me speechless, numb and powerless

Abraham Lincoln’s greatest gift to the Jews
Who were the most (and least) Jewish presidents
A way to forgive debts and leave fields fallow — even if you’re not a farmer in Israel

Can a 37-Year-Old Model-Turned-Politician Win Back Democratic Support for Israel

What Are Post-Denominational, Trans-Denominational and Non-Denominational Judaism

War in Ukraine Forces Israel Into a Delicate Balancing Act
Volodymyr Zelensky was a Jewish comedian  Now the world’s eyes are on him
Will the sword devour forever


A Year After Israel's Landmark Conversions Ruling, non-Orthodox Jews Still Face Discrimination

Abraham Lincoln’s greatest gift to the Jews

Eyewitness account of the Felshtin massacre in 1919

Founder of Jewish museum expelled from Iraqi Kurdistan

German dictionary changes definition of ‘Jew’ after complaint from local Jewish community

Israel’s never-ending, and very human, ‘Who Is a Jew’ saga

Israeli strawberry clocks in as world’s heaviest on record


It was the most successful Jewish ad campaign of all time — but who was the model

Orthodox leaders travel to Israel to lobby government against issues important to Conservative and Reform movements

Roblox, popular kids’ computer game, removes virtual Nazi gas chambers

Surplus Jews no longer

Who were the most (and least) Jewish presidents

‘Jeuje,’ ‘Zhoosh,’ ‘Zhuzh' A Word of Many Spellings, and Meanings
10, On Super Bowl Sunday, look for the Jewish flag football player on 50-yard line
A Rabbi’s Grace

Capitalism had Israel’s kibbutzim on the ropes    Then they discovered pot
Dutch universities order staff to reveal their ties to Jewish and Israeli groups

In Ukraine, young Jews are torn between fighting for their country — and leaving for another

Raunchy TikTok Talmud tidbits spark slut-shaming and heated discourse

The Eight Genders in the Talmud

Trude Feldman, Jewish reporter who spoke to presidents and prime ministers, dies at 97

‘Maus’ is not ‘Auschwitz for Beginners’ — and that’s why it needs to be taught

Art Spiegelman, speaking to Tennesseeans, says ‘Maus’ controversy is ‘about controlling’

Auschwitz survivor Mel Mermelstein, who fought Holocaust deniers, dies

Jessica Seinfeld shows us how to be vegan (at least some of the time)

Pope Francis called pet owners selfish. An animal chaplain says he sells love short

Tennessee woman says her child was taught ‘how to torture a Jew’ in public school Bible class

The Jews and Their Carrots

When I recall my father Elie Wiesel, my shame about these Olympics only deepens

Why the author of ‘People Love Dead Jews’ is sorry her book is a huge hit

You lost. This is democracy. You were not accepted here. Get out. Go.


England’s one-time capital to honor Licoricia of Winchester, Jewish businesswoman murdered there in 1277
In the story of Ethiopian Jewish immigration, is Israel really the hero
Nobel Prize won by man saved in Kindertransport was sold at auction for nearly $500,000
The great ‘Maus’ giveaway is on as bookstores, professors and churches counter Tennessee school board’s ban
Manhattan synagogue marks its 100th year as Reconstructionist Judaism’s flagship

Are Jews a Race

How Mustard Became The King Of Jewish Condiments

Whoopi Goldberg apologizes for Holocaust race comment — but doubles down in saying Jews are not a race


You can’t just swap out ‘Maus’ for another Holocaust book It’s special

A Holocaust course designed for Muslim students may soon be taught at more schools

A Jewish couple in Tennessee is suing after a Christian adoption agency refused to help them


A year ago, Modern Orthodox ice skater Hailey Kops was studying in Jerusalem  Now she’s heading to the Winter Olympics


ADL, other Jewish groups denounce ‘ongoing terrorism’ by settler extremists


Being Jewish in an Unraveling America


For Jews, Going to Services Is an Act of Courage


I Am A Rabbi And I Helped My Father End His Life


If the sword falls from our hands, our lives will be cut short


Israel to plant 450,000 trees in cities in effort to counter effects of climate change


The Bat Mitzvah Question I Wasn’t Expecting ‘Are We Safe at Synagogue


What an Antisemite’s Fantasy Says About Jewish Reality

A new Israeli film tackles the taboo - Did six million Jews die in the Holocaust
A Strong New Lead in ‘The Betrayal of Anne Frank’

Hostage- Attacker chose synagogue, thinking Jews powerful enough to free ‘sister’
In the countries where we take refuge, they will kill us

Invasive species, protests and forest fires- How planting a tree in Israel became controversial
Israeli startup unveils 3D-printed, plant-based salmon fillet
Muslim groups show support for Jewish community after Dallas hostage crisis
Searching for the Roots of the ‘New Year for Trees’
Should Moses Be Called Moshe
Why don’t Jews play Jews
With info scarce, US authorities, Jewish groups differ on Texas attacker’s motives


The Massacre That Never Was

Like a fish out of water Israeli team trains goldfish to drive

I was Bob Saget’s rabbi. This is what made him special.

EU official says the Simon Wiesenthal Center’s annual antisemitism list has gone too far

Brazilian court fines American Airlines for ’emotional suffering’ to passengers denied kosher food

A Nonbinary Jewish Prayer Book for Everyone

A marketing firm that works with Jewish groups, Big Duck, has nixed a potential client because of its Israel ties

Bennett won’t back Lapid’s candidate for Jewish Agency head
At Sunflower Bakery, life skills baked into the kosher cookies

Former MK Mordechai Ben-Porat passes away at 98
Once a Janitor, Now the Bar Mitzvah Photography King of Montreal
Your attention didn’t collapse. It was stolen
Up to a third of Israelis predicted to get COVID in next 3 weeks; tests running out
Visions of Abraham offers Jewish tourists to the UAE an interfaith experience

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